Business owners may be unaware of the full range of exit strategies that are designed to accommodate the lifestyle changes necessitated by advancing age and the desire for increased work flexibility.

Some of our Clients are amazed with the strategies we suggest. It can give them the ability to retain control, yet introduce skills and management expertise appropriate for the business culture, challenges and growth potential, whilst preserving value for a strategic transition.

Strategic sales and transitions are our specialty and our expertise in this area can achieve a significantly better outcome for our clients.

Alternatively, it may be oportune to investigate  a confidential acquisition prior ti exit and if this is the case then targets can be identified and processed through our systematic approach to negotiating a 'win - win' result for all stakeholders.

Whatever the focus you owe it to yourself to explore all options and we are happy to provide an obligation free appraisal of the alternatives available to you.

Growing your business through strategic shareholding changes.

At Avantia Corporate Services, what we offer our Clients is simple – Comfort and Effort!

Comfort in averting risks, Comfort in maximising opportunities, Comfort in our pro-active approach, Comfort from constant feedback and Comfort from the achievement of a positive outcome from our project managed team approach.

Our focus is on achieving your future outcomes using our expertise, to make the reality for you as simple and stress free as possible.

Whilst all you may see is the graceful Swan effortlessly gliding over the pond, our feet are pumping furiously to achieve your objectives.

That’s our commitment to you – Comfort and Effort. 

Profit from our experience and our focused approach.



Avantia has a network of accredited affiliated  professionals across Australia able to assist with advice and assistance to suit your circumstance. 

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Want to Raise Capital ?


 ASSOB - The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board is Australia's largest capital raising platform for Unlisted Companies to raise equity capital with over AUS$ 120,000,000 raised

Avantia corporate Services is an Accredited Sponsor with ASSOB.

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