While short-termism dominated the international COP26 meeting in Glasgow and a range of issues have distracted world leaders more generally, it’s not surprising that the cyber security industry is very much in a state of flux.


Two years ago, nobody (including governments) expected a pandemic like the one we are currently enduring; so the degree of disruption in cyber security is not surprising given the dislocation that has beset economies, countries and society as a whole.


Our last set of predictions in late 2020, were at a time when we didn’t know what we didn’t know about COVID-19 and the Delta variant. Looking back, it’s probably fair to say that while the virus infection rates spiraled, social distancing and personal hygiene seemed to make a difference.


The Delta variant changed all that and the world was plunged into a dire situation. Now, at the end of 2021, almost two years into the pandemic, life in the developed world at least is returning to some form of normality, however, many of the changes to society - to technology, to travel and to the way organisations operate will persist and themselves become “the new normal”.


For those involved in IT and Cyber Security, their risk teams risk teams will have to adapt to, and secure their operations, in this evolving environment.

The predictions in brief:

1. Ransomware will persist as a threat in 2022 even if regulators make
ransom payments harder

2. Cyber insurance will refocus organisations on basic cyber controls,
more rigorous oversight and visibility

3. XDR/SIEM vendors and adopters in the security market vie for
dominance, and increasing convergence

4. Consolidation and partnerships are increasingly pursued to
complement point solutions and services

5. A re-emergence of risk management with more focus on quantification
and systematic risk management

6. Resilience becomes as big a supply chain security risk as data security
and privacy

7. The impacts of wider issues - well-being and the environment - start to
accelerate in the security sector
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