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Clients Actions


  1. Contact Paul Nielsen, Group Managing Director on 07 30109711

  2. Interview with Avantia Corporate Consultant to identify viability of engagement.

  3. Disclosure of Patent/Trade Mark Status

  4. Create Video (professional) of product to Avantia Specs.

  5. Execute Engagement Agreement to Commercialise Product.

  6. Pay Avantia Fees as per Engagement Agreement (EA) Up Front Fee

  7. Provide full disclosure about product and discuss with Avantia re potential markets.

  8. Provide collateral for Expression Of Interest (EOI) document and Sign off on Completion.

  9. Pay Avantia Retainer as per EA.

  10. Sign off on Local & International Marketing Plan

  11. Consult with Avantia re prospective responses

  12. Provide feedback to Avantia re Contract Offers

  13. Sign Off on Contracts

  14. Pay Avantia Up Front Success Fee

  15. Consult with Avantia re Royalty Fee payment from Licensee

  16. Pay Avantia Royalties as per EA


Avantia’s Actions


  1. Initial Interview with Paul Nielsen Group Managing Director on 07 30109711

  2. Sign off on Product Video (or produce video).

  3. Produce Engagement Agreement & Sign off by all parties.

  4. Discussion with Client on Timing and deliverables

  5. Produce EOI and Sign Off by Client

  6. Develop National & International Marketing Plan.

  7. Deal with prospective Licensee responses

  8. Negotiate Contract in Conjunction with Client/Avantia Lawyers/Licensees Lawyers

  9. Get sign Off on Contract, Manage Up Front Fee Payment & Deliverables.

  10. Manage Manufacturing issues with Licensee.

  11. Manage Royalty payments.


Timeframe Estimate from 1st Contact to Market


  1. Video Creation – 2-6 weeks (information Dependent)

  2. EOI Document Creation – 1-2 Months (information Dependent)

  3. Marketing Plan 1 – 12 Months (depending on # of Prospects & Countries selected.)


Timeframe from 1st Contact to First Royalty Payment (in current market)


  • 6 to 12 months.  (licensee dependent)


 Client Costs – These are approximate costs only and depend on complexity + GST


  • Video Production Costs = From A$5,000 to $7,000

  • Avantia Up Front Fees =  From $3,000 to $12,000

  • EOI Document Creation  = NIL – Covered by Retainer

  • Avantia Retainer =  From $1,000 to $5,000 / Month

  • Production of Marketing Plan = NIL – Covered by Retainer

  • CEO/COO/CFO Research Contact List = NIL – Covered by Retainer

  • Any Specialised Reports = At Cost (after approval by Client)

  • Any Travel Costs = As per Schedule

  • Success Fee (Lump Sum) = 20% of Total fees paid 

  • Success Fee (Royalties) = 20% of Total fees paid.


* Success Fee's split with Design Engineer to provide technical support to product       

   licensees for the duration of the license agreement.

Please Note – We cannot ‘guarantee’ results, nor do we imply that your product will attract interest from any party – Market Forces Rule

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