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Valuations of Dental Surgeries.​

In Valuing Dental Practices, a large part of the value in the practice is tied up in the Tangible Assets (the Hydraulic Chairs, X ray Machines, Drills etc.) that are used to treat patients.

Valuers at Avantia Corporate Service have had over 30 years experience in the medical equipment field so you can be assured that your valuation will reflect the true 'fair market value' of the plant and equipment.

All Valuations include an  in depth Risk Assessment of the "dental business" of the practice in the following areas:

  • Continued Earnings Risk Assessment.

  • Company History Risk Assessment.   

  • Company Growth Projection Assessment.   

  • Competition Analysis and Assessment.  

  • Business Growth Opportunity Assessment.      

  • Barriers to entry for New Competition Assessment.     

  • Customer Base Sensitivity Assessment.     

  • Management Retention Projection Assessment.      

  • Business Location Continuity Assessment.      

  • Operational Facility and Equipment Analysis and Assessment.      

  • Business Purchase Finance Assessment.     

  • Industry Strength Assessment.      

  • Environmental Risk Assessment.      

  •  Social Desirability Assessment.    

  •  Alternate Investment Return Assessment.   

  •  Internet & Technology uptake Assessment.     

  •  Business Plan/Standard Procedure Manuals Assessment.

  •  Cyber Security Staff Training Assessment

  •  Electronic Data Protection Assessment

  •  Cyber Disaster Recovery Assessment.

Avantia's 'Fair Market Valuation' of Dental Assets comply with the International USPAP Standard, the Australian Accounting & Ethical Standards board Standard APESB 225 and have been accepted as 'Expert Witness Reports' in the Australian Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court.   Reports are court ready documents which we are prepared to defend in court if required.

Call us on 07 30109711 (9am - 5pm M-F) to discuss your requirements.

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