Have Your Voice Heard In Canberra.

They say its not what you know, but who you know.


When it comes to dealing with the Federal Government, we think their right - its about the relationship and the rapport you have that opens the door - but opening the door is just the first step - understanding the process and how the bureoucratic jigsaw puzzle fits together is what gets the results. 


What your objective is, who to pitch to, how to present your case, what external factors will be impacted and how this effects others are all factors that can either spin your wheels -   sometimes for years - or move you forward with a a solid action plan.              


Its a multi layered kaleidoscope of  pressure points that need attention to bring about a desired result - and timing is everything.


Avantia's registered Government Lobbyists know this landscape and can put together a road map of what needs to be done to engage with the right people in Canberra at the right time and in the right way to generate a tipping point in your projects momentum.


Our execution of the plan, with your assistance, will give you the best shot at achieving your aims.

Michaela Cash
Angus Taylor
Josh F
Brenden O'Connor

Whatever the project we are happy to provide a confidential no obligation consultation of the alternatives available to you.  


Please call Principal, Paul Nielsen on 07 30109711 or 0408824122

Registered Federal Government Lobbyist # LR2017001810