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Careers at Avantia


When you join Avantia, you will be working in a firm where success is determined by your character, your self determination and how well you service your Clients.  We have no Gender, Age or ethnicity based bias.


We are looking for talented people who approach their work with passion and who excel at establishing quality relationships with their Clients.  We value intellect, collaboration, openness, integrity, respect, excellence and commitment.  We seek independent, rigorous thinkers.

Your work will be interesting and challenging, and from day one you will have responsibility - for your work -  no one will be mirco managing you. When we experience empowering, quality working relationships, we gain a sense of identity and self-worth.

Avantia's work culture is positive, proactive and energetic and when you frame this in the context of a mutual mentoring program, everyone has the opportunity to rapidly develop.  We are committed to lifetime learning as a pathway to success.


We want everyone at Avantia to feel they are contributing to the success of the collective, so you will learn about the business as well as developing your skills in vital areas like self-management and communication.

To have an informal discussion about your future over a cup of coffee, please call Managing Director Paul Nielsen on 0408824122 (between 10am & 4pm)  to arrange a suitable time to meet.  All enquiries will be kept strictly confidential.